Addressable fire alarm cabinet Yun Yang YFR-1 8CH 8 Loop

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YFR-1 8CH

Dealers provide a variety of central addressable fire alarm cabinets
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Product information

LCD panel in English (240x128, 120 characters)

- Two transmission lines

- Super long transmission distance (1.5km between controller and repeater)

- Optional functions of the controller:

a. Up to 2048 addressable points for device with address

b. Serial communication report interface: up to 2048 points

c. Type R sub-controller: Connection for up to 16 units

d. Available to connect with R-type control equipment for 8 units to form a large fire protection and monitoring network.

e. With one RS-232 port and three RS-485 communication ports to connect to the central computer monitoring system.

- Memory device for permanent information storage up to 2048 records (up to 10,000 records) System communication module protection

- Isolation damage protection of communication lines

- Protective device against light attack - Repeater wrong wire protection device

- Repeat division isolation function

- Repeat state table

- Water leakage protection for addressable devices

- Installing software programming for devices with address

- Display address / LCD panel

- Weekly automatic check

- According to the audio playback function

- Two-phase accumulation

- Energy efficiency of backup power

- LCD backlight saving function

- Sound plus voice alarm function (human voice reporting staff)

- Switch operation with voice guidance

- Optional built-in printer

- Control panel of fire fighting equipment for central control. (optional)

- Dimensions for wall mount: H 1000 (mm) / W 480 (mm) / D 180 (mm)

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