Addressable Fire Alarm, Addressable Fire Alarm Cabinet Yun Yang YFR-1

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YFR-1

⭐Fire alarm control center ,Input source: 110V AC 50/60HZ or 220V AC 50/60HZ ,Alarm sound: voice alarm, human voice or voice alarm (above 90dB) ,Supply of addressable fire alarm cabinets with 4 hochiki horing Nohmi loops ,hochiki central addressable fire alarm cabinets 2 loop 1 loop 16 loop ,Price: 0917.911.114


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information


Model YFR-1
Power 110 V AC 50 / 60HZ or 220 V AC 50 / 60HZ
Address / Loop 128 / 1L or 256 / 1L
Battery backup 24 V D
Transmission distance Two wires (can be branched) 1.5km
Internal connection Use RS-485 for 800m, Transceiver for 3km and Fiber optic for up to 40km
Voltage loop Load power / Indicator / Telephone area: DC 24 V DC power supply : 32V AC
Electric used Main control panel (monitoring): Communication module 500mA per system (monitoring): 280
Transmission method Selective and sequential (I/O module)
Output signal output Output interlock relay board x 13 sets for up to 2,000 contacts (relay board = 40 contacts [standard], 160 contacts [extended])
Notification sound Voice announcement, human voice or voice alarm (above 90dB)
Temperature 0 ~ 40 CC
Material Powder coated steel (optional flame retardant ABS housing available up to 256/1L only)
Certificate CE

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