2 Way Fire Breeching Inlet Valve

Manufacture: CHfire
Product code: CH20-0303

Brand Name:CHFIRE

Model Number:CH20-0303 2 way 4 way fire breeching inlet

Name:2 way 4 way breeching inlet


Standard:BS5041 Inlet Size:2.5inch, 3inch; Outlet Size:4inch; Body

Material:Ductile Iron Blank Cap

Material:Plastic Non-return valve Material:Cooper Alloy

Coupling Type:BS5041


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Product information

Specification of 2 ways Landing Fire Hydrant/Fire Fighting Breeching Inlet

CHFIRE 2 ways breeching inlets are suitable for installation on dry risers only, in a building for fire fighting purposes, fitted with inlet connection at fire brigade access level and outlet connection at specified points, which is normally dry but capable of being charged with water by pumping fire service appliances.

The breeching inlets are manufactured to comply with BS 5041 PART-3:1975 standard comprising of male instantaneous connections complying with BS 336:2010, drain valves complying with BS 5154, PN16 rated and non return valves.

1) The breeching inlets and its fittings are suitable for a normal working pressure of 10 bar.

2) Body material made of spheroidal graphite cast iron (Ductile Iron) to BS 1563:2011

3) Inlet connection and non-return valves material made of copper alloy to BS 12163:2011

4) Each inlet connections are fitted with non-return valve and are of spring loaded mushroom type

5) Each breeching inlet is painted RED internally and externally

2 Way Fire Breeching Inlet Valve


Outlet size 2.5"x2, Male Instantaneous Connector Complying to BS 336
Inlet size 4" (DN100) flange
Working Pressure 12 bar 
Test Pressure 20 bar
Body Material Ductile Iron
Non-return valve Material Copper Alloy
Coupling Copper Alloy
Product Standard BS5041


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