15MPa inert gas fire suppression system ,IG541 fire suppression system

Manufacture: Xingjin
Product code: 15MPa inert gas fire suppression system

Cylinder volume: 80L, 90L
✔️ Capacity:16.89kg, 19kg ,Extinguishing model: Enclosed Flood , Agent: IG541 (52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon, 8% Carbon Dioxide) , Working Prussure:15MPa , Color: Red , Brand: Xingjin , Certifications: CAL, CMA, CNAS, ILAC-MRA, CCC , Model Number: QMH15/80, QMH15/90


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Working 15MPa Inert Gas Fire Suppression System / IG541 . Fire Extinguishing System IG541 mixed gas (52% nitrogen, 40% argon, 8% carbon dioxide) is a colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and non-conductive gas, pure without residue and pollution after quenching. And its ODP is zero. It is an environmentally friendly gas used for fire fighting. In addition, because of such a feature, it can be used in places where electrical fires and explosions are particularly prone. Combined with fire fighting equipment and electronic accessories, the whole system can be activated automatically. It can monitor the situation of the protected area through the detection devices and then it can also start the fire fighting equipment through the electromagnetic actuator automatically. So the whole system can achieve full automation. Therefore, avoiding the event of a fire occurring without anyone noticing and also saving a lot of costs of hiring workers to monitor the protected area. Managing multiple zones is also under the safety control of the whole system. We can use a system to protect multiple zones through distribution valves. It is possible to make the whole system alternate aimed at different protection zones. The agent may be released the fire site. It will be very effective to put out the fire in a short time. One thing to mention, is to prepare a little room to store the whole system.


STT Descriptions Specifications
1 Pressure 15Mpa
2 Model QMH15 / 80 QMH15 / 90
3 Capacity 80Ltr 90Ltr
4 Mass of gas 16,89kg 19kg
5 Diameter Φ279mm Φ325mm
6 Weight 1578 +73 mm 1345 +60 mm
7 Activation time ≤120 second
8 Air filling rate 0,211kg / L
9 Activation Source DC24V / 1.6A
10 Equipment nitrogen pressure 6,0 ± 1,0Mpa (20 ℃ )
11 Temperature nhiệt độ: 0 ~ 50 ℃
12 Max pressure 17,2Mpa
13 Min pressure 13,6Mpa

Computer room, telecommunications room, transformer room, electrical switch and distribution room, generator room, tank cleaning, drying equipment, spray painting booth, electrical tool room, control center, mail museums, archives, treasures of cultural relics, etc.


In terms of agent characterization, one of its advantages is that it can be used for all class fires except metal fires. And it is clean agent. No residue and pollution after quenching. Another point is that the IG541 fire suppression system is specifically intended for critical assets or equipment. It will have no damage to your property. Relatively, it is cheap and effective to be chosen as a fire suppression system. It is very effective for you to protect your property rights. As it is a system, it includes fire extinguishing equipment for extinguishing fires for short periods of time, in particular, shorter than 10 seconds. It means all dealers will be released in such a short time. Then it will be flooded in general. In addition, it has a time delay mechanism. It is about 2 minutes. This means that when a fire occurs, there is only enough time to evacuate everyone the dangerous place. It can allow multiple protected zones within the control of a system. Then it will save much money for large and multiple areas.

System Map

Hệ thống ngăn chặn đám cháy khí trơ 15MPa ,Hệ thống ngăn chặn đám cháy IG541

Hệ thống ngăn chặn đám cháy khí trơ 15MPa ,Hệ thống ngăn chặn đám cháy IG541

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