ZSFG lever Type Deluge Alarm Valve

Manufacture: CHfire
Product code: ZSFG lever

Brand Name:CHFIRE

Model Number:CH40-04 deluge alarm valve, ZSFG

Deluge Valve Body Material:Ductile Iron



Ball Valve Material:Brass

Working Pressure:1.6Mpa

Sealed test:3.2Mpa

Strength test:6.4Mpa


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

Specification of ZSFG Fire Alarm Valve lever Type Deluge alarm valve For Sprinkler System

ZSFG type deluge alarm valve which is based on GB5135.5-2003 standard shows lever type structure and has the anti-returning function. The valve is widely used in open sprinkler system, for instance, deluge system, water curtain system, water mist system. The deluge valve starts when the pressure in the diaphragm is released then the pressure of the water supplying side pushes open the valve clack. To release the pressure in the diaphragm, there are quite some ways,such as electric conduct, wet type conduct, dry type conduct.

Specification Nominal Diameter (mm) Rated Working Pressure (Mpa) Valve Body Height (mm) Flange Diameter (mm) Symmetric Hole Diameter (mm) Screw Hole No. And Dia.  φA (mm)
ZSFG100 100 1.6 350 250 210 8φ18
ZSFG150 150 1.6 350 285 240 8φ22
ZSFG200 200 1.6 430 340 295 12φ22


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