Z-200,Detnov conventional and addressable detector base

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: Z-200

Connection base for all detectors of conventional and analog systems Detnov
✔️This base has 4 stainless metal contacts, the design is designed for a low profile product that is designed Injected white ABS, it is also provided with an anti-theft system that allows us to block the tip of the detector, which is a necessary tool for its exploitation.


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Product information

° Compatible with all types of Detnov heads

° Can be installed on uneven surfaces

°Available in white


Z-200 / Z-200-B / Z-200-R:

Z-200-H / Z-200-H-B:

STD-200 / STD-200-B:

5 mm x 100 mm

28 mm x 100 mm

30 mm x 100 mm

Structure ABS

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