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Calmness is a vital principle in emergency response. When a fire occurs in a high-rise building, only use the stairs to escape, absolutely do not use the elevator because you may be stuck when the power goes out. Cover your body with blankets, absorbent coats and cover your nose to prevent smoke, poison, and fire from spreading on your body.

When entering a high-rise building, the first thing you need to pay attention to is where the stairs and exit stairs are. Usually the exits have warning signs and green lights. Attention should be paid to the location of fire fighting vehicles so that when a fire occurs, these vehicles can help you escape. Or sometimes the hose reels are the "wires" of rescue when there is a fire.

When there is a fire, calm consideration is the most important factor. Use available fire fighting equipment to extinguish the fire. Pay attention to people is the most valuable capital. If the fire cannot be extinguished, close the door of the burning room.

Find the available exits according to the indicator lights (or listen to the announcement via the radio or television system). It is possible to find a way out to other rooms. Please use the stairs or follow the light with the word "EXIT" - exit to escape. Absolutely do not use the elevator because in the event of a fire, the power may be cut off, you will be trapped in it. Also, along the way, notify your neighbors or other people in neighboring rooms that there is a fire going on.

Kinh nghiệm thoát hiểm khi có hỏa hoạn xảy ra ở nhà cao tầng

If you have to go through fire, cover yourself with blankets and wet clothes. Crawling or crouching when moving in areas with a lot of smoke. If possible, use an absorbent towel to cover your nose to help limit inhalation of toxic gases. Note: if you have to open the door, check the temperature before opening (by touching the door). If the temperature is too high, never open it.

When opening the door, you should avoid face and body to the side to prevent fire (to avoid injury due to pressure difference). When entering the room, if you see smoke coming in, use a wet cloth or rag to block the door leg.

If you can't find the main door exit, move to the balcony or open a window. Then from the balcony/window, shout to everyone. Then immediately call the fire department (number 114) to inform your specific location.

While waiting for the professional fire department, look for the available means of rescue in the building, which are equipped in advance such as ladders, emergency ropes to get down.

Look closely to find vehicles, sometimes curtains, torn sheets, tied wind clothes can also be a means to help you escape. Note, absolutely do not panic, jumping from above will be very dangerous. When there are ladders and cushions of fire protection and rescue forces to come and be required, you just jump down.

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