Why not use water to put out petrol fires


Why not use water to put out petrol fires?

In our current daily lives, incidents related to dangerous fires and explosions occur continuously, and are regularly reported by the press as well as radio stations so that people can be alert and take preventive measures. effective fire and explosion. Especially for fires and explosions related to gasoline and oil, whose consequences are extremely huge, most of our people do not have in-depth knowledge of how to fight fires related to gasoline and oil. Article by Dong Nam today will tell you about how to effectively handle fires and explosions related to gasoline, especially the question that Dong Nam knows many people are interested in: why not use water to extinguish the fire? petrol fire. Let's explore the Southeast region together.

Tại sao không dùng nước để dập tắt đám cháy xăng dầu ?

Gasoline is a chemical that is very flammable and explosive when exposed to an extremely small spark. Gasoline fires and explosions occur mainly due to causes such as using fire or a phone at gas stations or places where gasoline is treated. At the company's factories, the storage of gasoline and oil for production is not careful, or there are explosions in vehicles due to accidents or other means of transport using unsafe materials.

Why Not Use Water To Extinguish Gasoline Fires?

- According to the recommendation of the fire prevention and fighting training center, people should not take water to extinguish the fire when it is related to gasoline, like other fires because gasoline is lighter by physical properties. water, when we use water to spray on a gasoline fire, it will float to the surface not only reducing the impact of the fire but also making the fire spread more fire, in this case water has no effect. to reduce the spread of fire. Therefore, everyone needs to pay attention to have experience in handling unexpected situations related to fire and explosion that are caused by gasoline.

Instructions on How to Deal with Petrol Fires Effectively


There are many effective firefighting options related to fires caused by gasoline and oil, from basic materials to specialized firefighting products to perform when fires caused by gasoline and oil, below are common ways. most recommended use

1: Use a wet blanket: Blanket is a fairly common use that almost every home has and uses, when the blanket is soaked in water, with the structure of the blanket being cotton fabric when it encounters water, it will expand. creates a very safe protective film. When encountering a small gasoline-related fire, using a blanket soaked in water will help prevent the burning material from coming into contact with oxygen, and absorb a large amount of heat energy to prevent a larger fire.

2: Use sand: Sand as a blanket is a common and easy-to-find construction material, sand has the function of absorbing the fire's temperature, reducing the amount of oxygen of the combustible material exposed to the fire. Sand with good absorbent function also works to prevent the spread of fire, this is an extremely effective fire fighting method with small fires, low cost.

3: Use a fire extinguisher: Sand and hard work options are effective temporary solutions and very small-scale fires, to deal with large fires with petroleum-related triggers. A fire extinguisher is the most effective option. There are two types of fire extinguishers on the market today, which are foam and dry powder extinguishers, both of which are most effective for fires caused by gasoline. This product is in the link below

>> Bình chữa cháy CO2

>> Bình Chữa Cháy Bột

Tại sao không dùng nước để dập tắt đám cháy xăng dầu ?

- In the case of a large-scale gasoline fire, everyone should promptly report to firefighting force 114 as soon as possible to receive the most necessary support and avoid major damage to property and people due to the fire. related to gasoline.

- Above is the entire content of the article why water should not be used to extinguish gasoline fires in the Southeast. Everyone reads and consults to have the most reasonable solutions when encountering a fire related to gasoline. Thank you for watching

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