Why are apartment buildings at high risk of fire and explosion


The two big cities in our country, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, are places with a very developed urban pace, followed by the appearance of countless high-rise apartment buildings. Currently, although the apartment buildings have been equipped with many fire prevention and fighting equipment, and at the same time, there are functional forces to fight fires at the grassroots, but not all. There are still apartment buildings with a great lack of facilities and fire protection equipment, many high-rise buildings still have a constant risk of fire.

Currently, high-rise apartment buildings often have a basement system design. This basement system will be used for storage, parking, central electrical cabinets and gas pipeline systems, etc. Because it is an area that contains many vehicles, it also means that they also contain many vehicles. Gasoline, gas, motor oil, etc. are places where there are a lot of people passing by, so they always have a potential risk of large fires and explosions 

- In apartments, these rooms are often designed with flammable objects such as furniture, cabinets, beds, backdrops, curtains... and many other objects. When a fire occurs, these objects can cause the fire to spread quickly and create many packages - things that make firefighting and rescue work difficult. In particular, with the characteristics of apartment buildings, this is where many households live and operate, so it is difficult to control the risk of fire and explosion.


- Reality shows that every year in our country there are always many fires and explosions in apartment buildings. In mild cases, only a few apartments were burned and did not cause much damage. In more serious cases, there was a widespread fire and caused huge damage to property and material, injuring dozens of people and even losing their lives. This is the worry of many people living in apartment buildings and is the responsibility and duty of the authorities in fire prevention work.


- Currently, there are many high-rise buildings with the purpose of office complexes, commercial centers, hotels, etc., using central air conditioning systems, electrical systems, etc. Meanwhile, the surface area The yard is used to the maximum for business purposes. This can cause an electrical overload to occur at any time, creating the risk of a major fire or explosion.


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