When to replace sprinklers?


The fire protection system of your business is the place that needs the most safety with the presence of many employees. So how should the sprinkler system be checked, maintained and replaced? to ensure fire safety? this is really important.

So has any of us asked the question when we need to replace fire sprinkler heads? I think yes, but to answer this question it depends on the durability of each manufacturer, the structure of that nozzle, the installation environment of that nozzle...


Khi nào cần thay đầu phun chữa cháy sprinkler?

Khi nào cần thay đầu phun chữa cháy sprinkler?

1. What is a fire sprinkler ? Fire sprinkler heads are part of your fire fighting system, it brings great efficiency in completely automatic extinguishing along with other systems such as smoke alarms, fire alarms, warnings, and pumping systems. , fire valve system....

2. Why is it necessary to replace fire sprinkler heads? Fire sprinklers do not last forever. Normal wear and tear, small-scale malfunctions, and even dust or cobwebs on top can cause them to fail. Replacement or maintenance is extremely important to help ensure that they operate normally if a leak or explosion occurs.

3. When do you need to replace fire sprinkler heads? Replacing broken or no longer functioning fire sprinkler heads is something that needs to be done immediately, which means we must have a quarterly and annual inspection of this system. Complies with each manufacturer's expiration date regulations, which vary in durability, structure... According to the experience of , about 10 years we have to replace all fire sprinkler heads in an automatic fire suppression system.

4. Should you replace sprinkler  yourself? This is not recommended because, you can damage the nozzle, causing the pipe to leak.











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