Wheeled Extinguisher 150lb ABC Dry Chemical 466507

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: 150lb ABC Dry Chemical 466507

 UL Rating: 40-A:240-B:C
⭐ Agent: Multipurpose Dry Chemical  Agent Weight (lbs): 150


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Product information

When high-hazard fires demand fast response, one-person operation and exceptional performance, the wheeled dry chemical extinguisher is your best choice.

Its long-range discharge gives control over ordinarily out-of-reach fires and allows the operator to keep a safe distance the fire source and smoke. Suitable for locations such as chemical and petroleum processing plants, construction sites and warehouses.

At a Glance

Model Proplus 150 MP

Multipurpose Dry Chemical

UL listed

UL rated 40-A:240-B:C

U.S.C.G, DOT approved

Monoammonium Phosphate

6 year limited warranty

Suitable for use on most common fires


Designed for single person operation

16” x 4” semipneumatic tires allow for easy mobility on any surface

Far-reaching 50’ hose with optional 360° swivel joint

Highly visible pressure indicating gauge

Durable chromeplated brass valve. Cam-lever actuated

Welded tubular-steel frame protects cylinder and valve

Tow ring for vehicle towing

Corrosion resistant red epoxy finish

Product Specification

Net agent weight (Average) 125 lb.
Unit weight (Average) 300 lb
Shell Diameter 44½ inches
Height 58 inches
Discharge time 45 seconds
Discharge range 30-40 feet
Operating pressure 240 psi
Cylinder Steel
Valve Brass


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