What is the Valve Deluge Valve Application


The Deluge valve is especially important in supplying large quantities of water to the system

Deluge Valves are used in particularly hazardous locations where large amounts of water are required in a short time to prevent the spread of fire, they can also be used for surface cold to avoid deformation or breakage of raw material containers, production lines or explosion-proof transformers.

And some other applications such as with areas or warehouses containing low-flammability materials, flammable liquid containers, oil extraction areas, product handling systems. When designing an overflow system, specific information about the level of hazard to be protected is required.

Ứng dụng van xả tràn Van Deluge là gì

So, how is the Deluge valve commonly used in fire fighting systems?

Foam system uses the Deluge Valve to control and extinguish fires in places where it is necessary to cover and cool the combustible material such as: mining plants, hangars, areas containing flammable liquids. Preaction systems are often used in water-sensitive places such as libraries, document storage, art storage rooms, computer rooms, etc. Flood discharge systems are used in conditions that require the rapid use of large amounts of water.

They create a 'buffer zone' in hazardous areas or where fires can spread quickly. They can also be used to cool surfaces to prevent deformation or collapse of the structure. Or to protect storage tanks, transformers or process lines from explosion. Other examples include: flammable liquid storage tanks; equipment pit; storage or handling areas containing substances with low flash points; or product handling system.

Advantages and disadvantages of the overflow valve Deluge


Less expensive than other methods,

Use water to put out the fire.


May damage sensitive or electronic equipment,

Longer cleaning time compared to powder and gas systems,

Requires a large water reservoir to function.

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