What is the best way to store powder fire extinguishers?


Care instructions for powder fire extinguishers

Powder fire extinguishers are one of the two types of fire extinguishers commonly used today. Powder fire extinguishers have different features, characteristics and uses than CO2 fire extinguishers. Therefore, the way to preserve and check the bottle will also be different. We need to know the information on how to store to ensure effective fire prevention as well as protect lives because fire extinguishers need to be properly protected to prevent explosion.

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Here are detailed instructions on how to maintain and check powder fire extinguisher:Place in a dry, ventilated place, avoid places with strong sunlight and radiation, the highest temperature is 50 degrees Celsius.

If left outside the house must have a roof.

Be gentle when moving. Avoid direct exposure to high temperature, vibration equipment.

The tank must be checked regularly according to the manufacturer's regulations or at least every 3 months. If the needle is below the green line, the gas must be refilled.

Powder fire extinguishers, after opening the valve, must be refilled, before loading and unloading sealing components, removing and cleaning the parts that have been contaminated with powder.

If there is still pressure, before removing the pressure must be reduced by squeezing the valve slowly to let the gas out gradually, the gauge needle indicates the value of O. When opening the "hissing" sound, must immediately stop and check again. .

Before each new gas refill and after 5 years of use, the tank shell must be hydraulically tested, after reaching the required strength, it is allowed to use, at least 30 MPa.

Check the propellant through a manometer or balance and compare it with the original mass.

Check the dough mass by weighing comparison.

Check nozzle, spray speaker.

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