What fire extinguishers should be equipped in the car?


Here are some equipment you should equip your car with. Let's join together.


bình chữa cháy cho xe ô tô


To avoid fines as well as ensure fire safety for your car, it is very necessary to equip a fire extinguisher on your car today.

Circular 57/2015/TT-BCA   of the Ministry of Public Security has clearly and fully specified the fire protection equipment for each type of vehicle, thereby helping vehicle owners choose and use the right type. most suitable fire extinguisher. This regulation officially took effect on January 6, 2015.

Currently on the market there are two common types of fire extinguishers: foam extinguishers and co2 fire extinguishers.

For co2 fire extinguishers, when fighting a fire, it is necessary to let the speaker spray directly at the fire source at as close as possible, spray continuously until the fire is completely extinguished, do not spray intermittently to avoid ineffective cases. fire extinguishing results. Note that when spraying this type of bottle, you should stand in the direction of the wind to avoid the opposite case of co2 gas, causing frostbite.

With a powder fire extinguisher that has a shelf life of about 1 year, during use you should avoid letting the powder clump to lose its effectiveness.

Arrange fire extinguishers.

For the most convenience for fire prevention, it is best to arrange a fire extinguisher right next to the driver's position, which will take the initiative in dealing with the fire. Should not be placed under the trunk, under the car, if left outside, it is necessary to have a protective plan for the fire extinguisher to ensure its longevity and safety.

You should not use fire extinguishers for the purpose of coping, avoiding inspection by competent forces. When choosing fire extinguishers for cars, you should choose reputable establishments and units licensed by competent authorities. choose products with certification labels of the authorities, check the expiry date of the bottle, nozzle, brake valve and body of the bottle are good or not.

Here are some tips for you when choosing a fire extinguisher for your pet. I wish you a safe driver

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