What does forest fire protection equipment include


Forest fire fighting tools are very important in protecting the forest, these forest fire protection equipment includes what we need to learn with pcccdongnam.vn.

With climate change across the planet, wildfires are becoming a growing concern, and even in Vietnam, we need to be prepared. What does forest fire protection equipment include . Having the right tools makes all the difference and can easily stop a small fire from causing serious damage to wildlife, natural habitats, businesses and people's lives. .

Only on April 28, 2016, the forest fire in U Minh Ha Ca Mau National Park was completely extinguished. The total damaged forest area is 13.8 ha.

Immediately after the forest fire was completely controlled and extinguished, the functional authorities and U Minh Ha National Park in Ca Mau conducted a survey and re-measurement of the forest area that had been damaged by the fire. . Initially, it was determined that the total area of forest damaged by the forest fire in the ecological restoration subdivision (route 24, Kinh Stand), belonging to U Minh Ha National Park on April 27, 2016 was determined as follows: 13.8 hectares. The current status of the burning area is planted forest in 2006, with a sparse density, interspersed with many species of ferns and reeds.

In Vietnam in 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said that from the beginning of the year until now, the Ministry has directed localities to strictly implement plans to prevent and fight forest fires and fight deforestation; promptly detect the risk of forest fires nationwide, especially in key high-risk areas such as the Northwest, the Central Highlands and the South. According to statistics, the damaged forest area is 220ha, of which the burnt forest area is 9ha, down 92.0%; was cut down and destroyed is 211ha, down 14.9% over the same period last year.

Not only in Vietnam but also in countries with large forest areas such as Australia, Southern Europe and America, there have been many catastrophic forest fires.

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What does forest fire protection equipment include

How do forest fires happen?

A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire involving combustible vegetation that spreads over large areas, such as fields and forests in rural areas. Forest fires are the cause of floods and landslides, directly affecting the animals and creatures living here. is the cause of changing the entire natural ecosystem in the forest forest The causes can vary, but they usually occur when an area is suffering from drought and heat for a long time. This causes the vegetation to dry out and can catch fire causing wildfires Wildfires can start in many different ways. Many are started by lightning and the sparks it creates when it hits trees, power cables, rocks, and other objects. These causes are objective, so humans cannot intervene.

 forest fire protection equipment how important is it?

The system of forest fire prevention and fighting equipment is a security system that not only protects forest resources and ecosystems but also protects people's lives and properties when forest fires occur and spread.

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Forest fire protection equipment

What does forest fire protection equipment include ?

Equipping means and equipment for forest fire prevention and fighting

+ Means and equipment for forest fire prevention and fighting include:

- Early warning device, measuring the temperature of forests at risk of fire

- Ensure a reasonable fire-fighting water supply location

- Motor vehicles, equipment, machinery, tools, chemicals, specialized support tools for fire prevention and fighting according to the provisions of the law on fire prevention and fighting.

- Equipping means and equipment for forest fire prevention and fighting for forces specialized in forest fire prevention and fighting must ensure quantity and quality, be synchronous and modern, and meet fire prevention and fighting requirements. forest fire in all forest fire situations, in accordance with the state budget and forest owners.

- Forest fire prevention and fighting means and equipment must ensure technical parameters according to designs for forest fire prevention and fighting; managed, maintained and repaired according to regulations.

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- For vehicles,  forest fire protection equipment mechanized, in addition to being used in forest fire fighting; practice and practice forest fire fighting plans, only used in the following cases: serving the work of ensuring political security; ensure social order and safety; give first aid to victims, deal with emergency accidents, prevent natural disasters and overcome consequences of natural disasters; combat illegal deforestation and patrol and inspect forest protection.

- Heads of agencies and organizations within their management have the right to mobilize means and equipment for forest fire prevention and fighting under their management and use in the cases specified in Clause 4 of this Article.

Thiết bị phòng cháy chữa cháy rừng gồm những gì


Conclusion: forest is a natural resource that is important to the interests of mankind, forest protection always ensures many strict requirements.

What are the requirements for forest fire prevention and fighting?

- Check regularly accordingly Decree 136, chapter 1, article 16, Regulations on time limits and inspection of fire safety conditions

- Fully prepare human resources to ensure fire fighting

- Prepare tools and equipment to always ensure readiness for firefighting tasks.


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