What do you know about CO2 fire extinguishers?


CO2 extinguishers are one of the most basic and common types of fire extinguishers available today. It has great use in fighting small fires that have just arisen such as liquid fires, solid fires and for high efficiency for fires of electronic equipment, electrical equipment, fires in tunnels. or office...

In terms of fire, CO2 extinguishers are intended for use on Class A, Class B, C and E fires. It is not intended for Class D fires, which means you must not use them to fight fires with needles. alkaline, coke, nitrogenous or alkaline earth fertilizers. Because when we spray CO2 fire extinguishers on those parts, the fire will produce a chemical reaction - creating an extremely toxic substance that is not only dangerous but can also make the fire more complicated.


What do you know about CO2 fire extinguishers?


However, do you know what type A, B, and C fires are?

Class A fires are fires involving flammable solid objects such as cloth, paper or wood. Class B fires involve flammable liquids such as oil or gasoline, etc. Class C fires involve flammable gases such as gas or methane, etc.

- We can also learn more about one more fire, which is a Class E fire involving electrical equipment. The advantage of the CO2 fire extinguisher is that it can be used very well with fires involving electronic equipment and electronic components because the CO2 in it will evaporate in the air without needing to be cleaned. CO2 fire extinguishers have CO2 that can evaporate, so it does not affect or corrode electronic equipment and components such as powder extinguishers.

When using a CO2 fire extinguisher, you should note the following:

When you detect a fire, you carry a CO2 tank, one hand holds the speaker and sprays it at the origin of the fire at least 0.5 m while the other hand pulls the zinc pin and then pulls the trigger. When pulling the trigger, the CO2 in the tank will escape and turn into a very cold gaseous snow, which dilutes the concentration of the combustible gas mixture, cooling the burning area, causing the fire to be extinguished.

CO2 fire extinguishers also have many other advantages such as no need to clean after fire fighting, can overcome many different fires and are very good for electrical equipment fires or electronic component fires. . However, they have the disadvantage that they should not be used to put out outdoor fires and if they must be used, they must be based on the direction of the wind before spraying.

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