What are the advantages of an addressable fire alarm system


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What is an addressable fire alarm system?

Addressable fire alarm systems are made up of a series of fire detectors and devices connected back to a central control panel. With addressing systems, each device has an address or location, allowing the exact detector to be activated to be quickly determined. This makes addressable alarm systems ideal for large buildings, especially commercial facilities spread over a large area.

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Can fire alarm systems be programmed?

      >>>>Principle of operation of Multron addressable fire alarm system

One of the biggest advantages of addressable fire alarm systems is that they can be configured so that a specific action triggers a specific response. For example, cause and effect programming can be used to say that a particular 'cause' such as activation of a fire detector, causes an alarm in a particular area and the system is placed in warning level in another area. This means phased evacuations can take place, with priority areas evacuated first. It is then possible to evacuate individual areas of a building, which allows for safer fire evacuation procedures in large buildings.

Reduce false fire alarms

False alarms cause disruption and can be costly, so it is in any business's interest to minimize their impact and reduce the likelihood of them happening in the first place. One of the advantages of addressable fire alarm systems is that they can allow the air to be monitored via detectors, so if the air is contaminated such as dust (which can trigger some fire alarm system) then the 'pre-fire' alarm will be activated. This allows investigations to take place, so any problems can be fixed before a full-blown system misactivation occurs.

Addressable fire alarms are more reliable than conventional ones

- Because of the way addressable alarm systems are connected, any circuit breakage due to damage is less likely to result in disconnection of the devices. Unlike conventional systems, all devices are wired in a loop and connected to the panel device at both ends. Therefore, if the connection is broken at one end, the devices will remain connected.

Alarm system wiring costs are cheaper

Addressable fire alarms are wired in a loop, essentially a circuit that connects the system to other equipment such as sprinkler systems, call points and detectors. With a conventional fire suppression system, each zone and audio circuit has its own wire, so wiring costs can be higher, depending on the number of devices that need to be connected.


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Monitor and test all individual fire detectors for errors

- Fire alarm systems are arguably one of the most important aspects of fire safety in your facility. Another benefit of an addressable fire alarm system is that all devices can be individually monitored and fault-checked, making maintenance easier. If a problem is found with a particular detector, for example, the central control panel receives a notification.

- Therefore, having an addressable system means that any problems can be detected immediately so that they can be fixed, ensuring that everything is working properly if something goes wrong .

Do you need an addressable fire alarm?

>>> Instructions for installing an addressable fire alarm system

- This will depend on your facility's requirements. Typically addressable fire alarms are more suitable for larger commercial premises, as they provide accurate and detailed information about the location of the fire, which is not necessary in smaller buildings. .

- These systems provide complex fire protection, so they tend to be more expensive than conventional alarm systems. However, if having a reliable method to warn you of danger, cut down on false alarms, and enable smooth evacuations is important to your business, then it's an investment. valuable.

- Of course, the type of fire alarm system installed is important to get right and we recommend you speak to a fire protection expert before making a decision.

Advantages of addressable fire alarm systems

- Quickly determine the location of the fire.

- Users can program specific actions.

- Reduce the likelihood and better handle false alarms.

- Higher reliability, less likely to lose connection.

- Reduce total wiring costs.

- Ability to monitor system integrity, check detector health.


>>> How does the fire alarm system diagram work?

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