WAV-CRL, System Sensor Wireless Light Horn Stand

Manufacture: System Sensor
Product code: WAV-CRL

Red SWIFT® AV stand
⭐ ceiling mount for use with system sensor L-Series AV units.
⭐SWIFT wireless devices are part of an addressable fire alarm system, please refer to Consult the fire alarm panel manufacturer for compatibility, construction: fireproof ABS plastic, UL FM standard, 12 month warranty, Nationwide delivery, price: 0917.911.114


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
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Physical/Operating Specifications
Dimensions (ceiling) 7.4” (19 cm) diameter; 1.6” (4cm) Depth
Weight(bare) 20.0 oz (567 g) with 8 batteries
Dimensions (wall) Height 6” (15 cm); Width 5.1” (13 cm); 1.6” (4cm) Depth
Weight(wall) 17.6 oz (499 g) with 8 batteries
Electrical Specifications
RF operating voltage range 3.3 VDC
RF max current 5 mA (LED On)
RF operating volts 12 VDC

AV output, Operating voltage

24 VDC (normal)
Standard AV voltage 6.5 mA
AV maximum alarm current 550 mA
Current standards 210 µA @ 3.3 VDC (LED blink enabled)
Maximum transmit RF power 17 dBm
Radio Frequency Range 902-928 MHz
Humidity 10% to 93% Relative humidity, non-condensing
Humidity 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
Battery type 8 Panasonic CR123A or 8 Duracell DL123A
Battery Type RF battery: 2 years minimum. AV battery: See Table 2 for AV battery life.
Replacement battery Replace during annual maintenance or when the TROUBLE BOW battery shows up.
Standard WAV-CRL,Đế còi đèn không dây System Sensor

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