Watering Head, Waterring Head

Manufacture: woodang
Product code: Watering Head, Waterring Head

It is a head suited for open head equipment or high-temperature, high-pressure spraying which utilizes linear or spiral extinguishing water collision or spread in the event of fire


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Product information

The application of stainless steel frame and deflector guarantees outstanding high-temperature, high-pressure spraying and heat resistance strength.

Watering Head, Waterring Head

Model Number



Spray Direction

Horizontal Type

Vertical Type

Connecting Bolt

PT ½˝(15A)

Design Flow Volume

80 LPM (0.1MPa)



Surface Treatment


Spray Angle

5˚× 170˚

5˚× 120˚

Height, Width

36, HEX 26

37, HEX 26

Please refer to unburnt equipment provided by Dong Nam... HERE

You can refer to the manufacturer for more information....HERE

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