Water fire extinguishers cannot be used for any kind of fire


Ecosafe Fire Extinguisher Supply Agent, only buy CO2 Fire Extinguisher in Ho Chi Minh City with 2022 inspection, When people think of extinguishing fires, we often think of a water fire extinguisher. However, in some cases, the use of water extinguishers can do more harm than good

In this article, we will share fires that should not be used Water fire extinguishers as well as the appropriate time to use them.

- Water fire extinguishers should be used on organic materials such as wood, paper or burning textiles. They are classified as Class A fires. - Instead, British Standards recommend using them in conjunction with another fire extinguisher to fight other fires that are not suitable for water. For example, you may choose to place a CO2 fire extinguisher in your office to prevent electrical and wet chemical risks from cooking grease.

Bình chữa cháy nước không sử dụng được cho những đám cháy nào

Bình chữa cháy nước không sử dụng được cho những đám cháy nào

- So water fire extinguishers cannot be used for any kind of fire? Please join me in consulting below

- Never use a water fire extinguisher on electrical fires or any fire involving flammable liquids. Because liquids often conduct electricity, it is very dangerous for you. If you accidentally or intentionally spray water on an electrical fire, you are at risk of electric shock.

- In the case of flammable liquids, water cannot extinguish it, and all the water does is spread it around. This results in the burning liquid spreading around much faster and causing more damage, and will actually help spread and worsen the fire.

- Therefore, it is better to have another fire extinguisher along with the water fire extinguisher, all fire extinguishers have a clear label on the front indicating what they are used for and what they are used for. what they are like, so you will be able to distinguish which one is suitable for use in an emergency. And this is why you should also partner all fire extinguishers with a corresponding fire extinguisher symbol.

- Note: you should use a suitable fire extinguisher - You need to choose the right fire extinguisher for putting out the right fires. In the office, the two most likely fires you will have to deal with will be material (cardboard, paper, etc.) or electrical.

- Therefore, in this case, you can prepare a Water fire extinguishers for materials and a co2 fire extinguishers to have something to deal with an electrical fire. - Other fire extinguishers are necessary depending on the risks associated with your specific work environment. Inevitably in industrial environments, there are many potential risks and different types of fire and explosion hazards.

- For example, in an environment where you are handling lithium or other metals, metal pOWER fire extinguishers are the right thing to have on hand because it is specifically designed for that specific type of fire.

- The best way to ensure you have the right fire extinguisher is to have a competent person carry out a fire risk assessment, detailing all the hazards present and the correct procedures for dealing with them. they.

Epilogue : water fire extinguishers cannot be used for any kind of fire?

- Fires involving liquids such as oil and grease.

- Fires related to electricity


What are the advantages of water fire extinguishers?

The outstanding feature of this technology is the application of materials of natural origin to quickly change the elasticity of the surface of water molecules while also dissolving water molecules to help absorb heat from the fire source after That immediately dissipates heat, causing the burning object to quickly cool down, leading to complete fire extinguishment.


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