Vinafoam SELVA 6 fire fighting foam

Manufacture: vinafoam
Product code: SELVA 6

SELVA 6 is a low-viscosity fluorine-free concentrated foam product used to extinguish fires of hydrocarbon origin and solid fires ⭐
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Product information

– SELVA 6 is composed of organic solvents, hydrocarbon surfactants and other performance additives. SELVA 6 does not contain any halogenated organic compounds, foam concentrates or foam solutions are easily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

– SELVA 6 foams to prevent oxygen contacting the fuel or the burning area, thereby effectively extinguishing the fire. The extinguishing performance of SELVA 6 is similar to that of fluorinated foam concentrates in hydrocarbon fuel fires. The product can be used as an alternative to AFFF concentrated fire extinguishing foam products.

– SELVA 6 foam is suitable for use with fresh water to extinguish Class B fires (hydrocarbon materials). Not suitable for fires polar fuels.

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