Viking Model G-4000 Dry Valve Assembly Kit

Manufacture: v
Product code: Model G-4000

[4] 4" Model G-4000 Dry Valve Riser Assembly EXTERNAL RESET (4", Viking Dry Valve Assembly Kit Model G-4000)

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Product information

Pressure Rating: 250 PSI (17.2 Bar) Water Working Pressure Hydrostatic pressure tested with: 500 PSIAir for water difference: Approximately 5.75 to 1 Matrix loss (Calculated in feet of Pipe 40 based on Hazen & Williams C=120 formula): Model G-4000 Dry valve: 31.2'12 Pipe section of hose: 1' Water Control Valve Supply: 15' Model G-4000 Cv Dry Valve Coefficient: 341Valve Black

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