Vietnam Foam Tank

Manufacture: Đông Nam
Product code: LT-VN

Vietnamese Foam Tank is reseached and produced by Dong Nam Company, depend on VietNam Fire Protection necessary needs. Because oversee tank is too expensive and import for a long time. We have researched and calculated based on ASME design and manufacturing techniques for pressure vessels. Capacity and technical requirements based on customer requirements, unlimited capacity.


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Product information

Foam tank are a component of a balanced pressure balancing system consisting of a pressure vessel, equipped with a rubber elastic bag in to hold the Foam concentrate. When the drive system, Water comes to apply pressure to squeeze rubber bags containing Foam,

- Supply Foam to Mixer (Foam Mixer or Ejector). Foam mixers push Foam the fire water, creating a foam solution to fire.

- These solutions are then conveyed to the discharging equipment to protect the hazardous area.

- Foam tanks have many applications, including truck racks, airplane hangers, pump rooms, and helicopters.

- Because Foam sinks do not need external power, just a pressure source,

- It is therefore more economical than pump systems (for systems under 2,000 gallons).

- And the Foam sinks, because of their simple design, require very little maintenance.

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