Versar VD4N 58 Diesel Engine Pump1

Manufacture: Singapo
Product code: Versar VD4N 58

Versar pumps are imported 100% genuine Singapore, Contact 0917911114 for free advice 24/7 on technique, price..Buy now Dong Nam Company


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Versar Overview - VD4N.58 . Diesel Engine Pump

Perfectly designed, aesthetically pleasing, combining Versar expertise and know-how creates a line of Diesel pumps that provide powerful and efficient solutions to customers in the industrial, utility and utility industries. community, agriculture and construction services. Versar - The diesel pump VD4N.58 is a powerful and reliable pumping system for most high pressure fire fighting applications, meeting international standards DIN24255/EN733.


Versar - VD4N 58 Diesel Engine Pump


STANDARDS, SPECIFICATIONS 1.Versar Standard - VD4N.58 . Diesel Engine Pump Pump according to International standard DIN24255 / EN733 Sealing according to EN12756 . standard Ball bearing stopper according to EN294 . standard 2.Versar Material - VD4N.58 . Diesel Engine Pump Pump body : Gray cast iron / Ductile iron Impeller: Gray cast iron / Copper / Stainless steel 304, 316 Pump shaft: Chrome steel / Duplex stainless steel 3.Versar application - VD4N.58 . diesel engine pump Clean water: PH 5.8 ~ 8.6 Temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius 4.Versar engine - VD4N.58 . diesel engine pump Standards for fire protection Diesel fuel Oil capacity 8-10 Weight: 550 kg Operating time: 12/24h Speed: 3000rpm >>Versar Catalog Parameters - VD4N.58 Diesel Engine Pump


Versar - VD4N 58 Diesel Engine Pump

Customers using products distributed by our Company will be guaranteed:

- 100% genuine product

- Have certificate of import CO/CQ

- Long-term warranty, competitive price, high discount

Dong Nam Fire Protection Company specializes in importing and distributing Versar - 100% genuine VD4N.58 diesel engine pump. Customers, please contact 028.62.573.288 - 0917 911 114 for free consultation.





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