Valve deluge,Meiji overflow valve PN16/25

Manufacture: meiji
Product code: Meiji overflow valve PN16/25

Valve deluge, Meiji PN16/25 overflow valve
⭐  aka overflow valve, control valve
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Product information

- Type: Pilot control valve.

- Structure: ductile steel, 304 stainless steel, Carbon steel

- Size: DN 65 - 300 mm

- Working pressure: 16/25 bar.

- Test pressure: Shell: 24/37.5 bar, Seat: 17/26 Bar

- Working temperature: -10°C to 80°C

- Flange to JIS 10/16K, BS4504 PN16/25, ANSI Class 150

How it works:

Open on request to provide water flow for fire sprinkler systems. The pilot system can be hydraulic, pneumatic or manually operated. Valve opening is by electrical signal to solenoid or manual opening. Operate The Deluge Valve is controlled by a 2-way direct acting solenoid, which controls the position of the pneumatic/Hydraulic Pilot.

• When the solenoid loses power, ports 1 and 3 are connected (port 2 is blocked). Pressure is transferred to the cap of the pneumatic/hydraulic control. Pneumatic/hydraulic control closed, main valve closed.

• When the solenoid is energized, ports 1 and 2 are connected (port 3 is blocked). The housing of the pneumatic/hydraulic control is vented. Open control, open the main valve.

• An isolating valve in the control circuit provides a manual/override instruction of the pneumatic/hydraulic control. Opening the isolating valve opens the main valve. This isolating valve shall be closed during normal operation. GETTING STARTED: Starting the deluge valve requires proper procedures to be performed: 1-Remove stream of slag and other debris. 2-Close the upstream system isolating valve, if equipped. 3-Install the valve so that the flow arrow marked on the valve body matches the flow through the stream. 4-Make sure that the manual isolating valve is closed. 5-Connect the trigger air/hydraulic pressure source to port 3 of the solenoid control.

Step 1: Energize the solenoid to test drive and confirm connection to power.

Step 2: De-energize the solenoid to fill the valve initially.

Step 3: Activate the air/hydraulic pressure source.

Step 4: Pressure the line, open the upstream isolating valve slowly. Open the isolating valve manually to ensure that the main valve is open. The manual isolating valve shall be closed during normal operation of the valve.

Step 5: Partially open the isolating valve manually to release trapped air in the cover chamber. Close when liquid begins to vent. Caution: do not remove or loosen the top plug while the valve is under pressure.

Step 6: Generate electromagnetic energy. This will vent the pneumatic/hydraulic control chamber, causing the valve itself to open.

Step 7: De-energize the solenoid. This will pressurize the pneumatic/hydraulic control chamber, causing the main valve to close.


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