UNIPOS SB112F Outdoor Flashlight Whistle

Manufacture: UNIPOS
Product code: SB112F

UNIPOS SB112F Outdoor Flashlight Whistle


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Product information

Outdoor fire alarm siren SB112F

1. Description

– The SB112F outdoor fire alarm siren is designed to signal fire in fire alarm systems. The amplifier is compatible with fire alarm control panels in 24 V output mode.

– SB112F is a high frequency armored equipment. The box is manufactured sheet steel with a thickness of 1mm with a polymer coating. Audio head complete with 24V / 5W light, with flash with frequency of 1.5 Hz in alarm mode.

– SB112F works well over a wide range when supplying enough voltage.

2. Specifications

+ Power supply voltage: 12-30VDC Consumption at 24V: 200 mA

+ Sound pressure at 1ft axial distance at 24 V: > 118dB

+ Main audio signal: 2.8 kHz – 3.2 kHz

+ Audio frequency modulation: 1.5 Hz

+ Light effect – sulphite lamp: 24V / 5W

+ Output power for lighting effects: 10W

+ Dimensions: 205 x 175 x 75 mm

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