UL Flanged Deluge Anen Valve , Catalog Overflow Valve Safety

Manufacture: ANEN
Product code: UL Flanged Deluge Anen Valve

Introduction: Bsdv-50-Flange type deluge valve, Safety valve
✅ fitted on the foam fire extinguishing device of the fixed wet pipe constitutes several foam heads and sprinklers In case of fire , the deluge valve starts to operate due to pressure change due to sensing sprinkler failure This then sends the foam-water mixture to all emitting areas  Product approved according to UL standard. UL list number EX5111.


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Apply to sprinkler, mist and open foam system controllers. In the event of a fire, the deluge valve can be actuated by an electronic solenoid valve, disrupting the sensing sprinkler, or pushing a lever in the emitter area to start the deluge valve. It can cooperate with alarm valve and telematics signal to better understand the fire location.

Installation and maintenance instructions:

1. Manually start after installation. Turn on the water supply slowly. To avoid pressure loss, make sure there is no air in the pipeline.

2. When the flow is steady, close the manual switch until the water runs out.

3. By equipping the pressure gauge, it is easier to check and maintain the equipment.


Deluge Valve UL - Flange Type (Safety Valve)
Type connections Flange
Usage pattern Horizontal mounting
Maximum working pressure 14 kgf / cm2
Test pressure 25 kgf / cm2
Pressure range 1,5 ~ 14 kgf / cm2
loss pressure tube length 14,9 m (48,9 ft)
Weight 13 kg


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