Types of fire protection equipment


What are the changes in the list of fire prevention and fighting inspection according to Decree 136 for the list of fire prevention and fighting inspection according to Decree 79? Regulations on fire prevention and fighting equipment?

According to Decree 136/ND-CP/2020, the latest law amending and supplementing fire protection equipment stipulates that Fire prevention and fighting equipment includes the following types:

Types of fire protection equipment

Fire prevention and fighting equipment includes various types

1. Motorized firefighting equipment

a) Fire trucks: Fire trucks with tanks, fire trucks without tanks, airport fire trucks, forest fire trucks, chemical fire trucks (powder, foaming agent, gas), tunnel fire trucks , railway fire truck, amphibious fire truck;

b) Specialized vehicles for firefighting: Ladder trucks; forklift; command vehicle; command information center vehicle; fire scene investigation vehicle; fire lighting vehicle; pumping station vehicle; water wagon; vehicle transporter; military vehicles; chemical trucks; ambulance and rescue vehicles; exhaust car; vehicle repair and technical maintenance; logistics vehicles; Crane; hazardous chemical, biological and nuclear handling vehicles; fire extinguishing gas supply vehicle; Vehicles transporting and recharging fire extinguishers; fire hose truck; refueling vehicle; ambulance; firefighting motorbike;

c) Firefighting aircraft; firefighting ships; firefighting boat; firefighting canoes; other floating fire-fighting structures with motors;

d) Types of fire pumps;

d) Other types of motor vehicles: Clean air generators; sawing, cutting, drilling, chiseling, beating, winching, pulling, ball, jacking, lifting equipment (using engines) food processing equipment (food cutters, lawn mowers); fan blows smoke; exhaust fan; generator; air blower; motorized shoulder-mounted fire extinguisher. In addition, fire prevention and fighting equipment includes common types of equipment used on site such as

2. Common fire-fighting equipment a) Fire hoses and suction pipes; b) Fire mausoleum;

c) Connector, three-prong, two-prong fire extinguisher, Ezector;

d) Water hydrants, water columns for fire fighting;

d) Fire ladder; e) Fire extinguishers of all types: Powder, foam, gas, water-based.

3. Fire extinguishing agents of all kinds: Water-based fire extinguishing chemicals, fire extinguishing powder, fire extinguishing gas, fire extinguishing foam.

4. Fireproof substances or materials; fire prevention materials, fire doors, fire glasses, fire partitions, fire valves; fire curtains and curtains.

5. Fire alarm system equipment: Fire alarm center cabinets, fire detectors of all kinds, early fire warning devices, modules of all kinds, fire alarm bells, fire alarm lights, fire alarm buttons, fire alarm push buttons, fire alarm sound system and escape instructions.

6. Firefighting system equipment (gas, aerosol, water, powder, foam): Fire control cabinet; bells, whistles, lights, fire extinguishing agent discharge warning signs; alarm valve, flood valve, monitoring valve, zone selector valve, pressure switch, flow switch; Non-metallic pipes used in automatic fire water supply systems, flexible pipes used for fire sprinklers; fire water intake (waiting throat), fire extinguisher nozzles of all kinds; bottles and equipment containing gases, aerosols, powders, and fire-fighting foams of all kinds.

7. Escape lights, emergency lights.

8. Personal protective clothing and equipment

a) Pants, shirts, hats, boots, gloves, shoes, belts, glasses, fire masks; pants, shirts, hats, boots, gloves, insulated shoes; insulated boots and gloves; personal lighting equipment;

b) Gas mask; isolation respirator; Personal breathing apparatus used in firefighting and rescue.

9. Means of rescuing people: Rope to rescue people; rescue belt; life-saving cushion; rescue ladder; rescue tube; people detection equipment; Vehicles and equipment for high-altitude rescue; Vehicles and equipment for underwater rescue; Vehicles and equipment for rescue in confined spaces; Vehicles and equipment for rescue of chemical and radioactive incidents; First aid equipment to help victims.

10. Rudimentary demolition tools and equipment: Pliers, saws, hammers, axes, hoes, shovels, crowbars, multi-purpose demolition tools, hooks, knives, rakes, stamping tables.

11. Equipment and tools for communication, firefighting command, and rescue a) Command desk, command tent, command flag, command tape for firefighting and rescue; b) Wired information system;

c) Radio communication system, monitoring equipment for command and control of forest fire fighting, aerial, handheld GPS navigation.

12. Means and equipment for checking fire prevention and fighting safety, inspecting fire prevention and fighting equipment./.





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