Tyco Water Pipe Pressure Reducing Valve Model RV-1

Manufacture: Tyco
Product code: Model RV-1

⭕ Model RV-1 Tyco Water Pipe Pressure Reducing Valve
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Product information

Technical details of Tyco Water Pipeline Pressure Reducing Valve Model RV-1 TYCO Model RV-1 Pressure Relief Valves, 2 to 8 inches (DN50 to DN200), are factory assembled and have a fully trimmed valve arrangement to reduce excessive water pressure. These valves are commonly used to automatically relieve excess pressure in fire protection systems using fire pumps. Pilot-operated, the Model RV-1 Valve maintains a relatively constant system pressure when discharging the pump as flow demand changes. The Model RV-1 pressure relief valve can be set to a nominal pressure drop of 30 to 250 psi (2.1 to 17.2 bar).


• Globe or angle model

• Installation in any direction

• One-piece, one-part movable diaphragm

• Ceramic glazed interior

• Standard Epoxy Coated Exterior

• Precise pressure control

• Inline service

• No need to release trapped air the membrane chamber A pilot valve assembly supplies any outlet. It's a; 30 to 250 psi (2.1 to 17.2 bar)

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