Tyco DV5 D200 pcc valve overflow discharge-Flange connection

Manufacture: Tyco
Product code: DV5 D200

✅ Size 8 (D200) ⭕
✅ Overflow valve DV5 D200 ⭕
✅ Imported Israel ⭕
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Product information

- The DV-5 D200 overflow valve can also provide a fire alarm when operating the system. The valve allows an external reset, without opening the device.

- The inside and outside of the valve are coated with RILSAN's anti-corrosion coating, with the inner layer allowing the Valve to work with most fire fighting systems using fresh water and sea water. The outer coating helps the valve resist corrosion in the environments of processing plants and outdoor installations.

- Meets UL, C-UL and FM standards. - Maximum working pressure: 17.2 bar.

- Size: DN40, DN50, DN80, DN100, DN150, DN200.

- Flange connection or coupling according to ANSI, ISO, AS and JIS standards.

- Made of iron, coated with RILSAN.

- Diaphragm made of natural rubber.

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