Tyco Dry Drain Valve Body Model DPV 1-Tyco USA

Manufacture: Tyco
Product code: Model DPV-1

 Body of Tyco Dry Release Valve Model DPV-1 +++ Model DPV-1 Preaction Type B Valves EN12845 Compliance
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Product information

• External reset

• Pressure rating 16 bar

• Single compensating clapper design allows for a simple compact valve to minimize installation labor

• Ductile iron construction to ensure the valve is lightweight to minimize ship-ping costs

• A wide range of input and output connections

• Simple reset process through priming water removal Class B systems are used in unused warehouses, garages, attic spaces, docks and other areas exposed to heat freezing point in which a full water pipe cannot be used. Although the typical application for a Type B Preaction System is like a stan-dard automatic dry sprinkler system, the additional system operation feature of a fire detection system can potentially increase the rate of water supply by How to start filling the piping system with water prior to the sprinkler operation. Therefore, these systems may be desirable for larger system volumes. The TYCO Model ACC-1 dry pipe valve accelerator is supplied as standard so that operation occurs through the opening of one or more nozzles prior to operation of the fire detection system, the sprinkler system will still be capable of energy to have the ability to increase the rate of water transfer.

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