Turbo 60 LPM Fire Extinguisher , China Forede Fire Fighting Equipment

Manufacture: forede
Product code: 60 LPM

60 LPM
✅ Selectable Flow Fire Gun suitable for Wildland Forestry and Mining Industries ⭐
✅ 60LPM Fire Turbo Nozzle can deliver direct water jet, mist and some can also water curtain spray, and several types of water flow can be changed and used in combination, with strong maneuverability and good adaptability to the fire scene.


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FOREDE Fire Turbo Nozzle Made of new aluminum alloy as the main raw material, the surface is T5 heat treated and anodized, hard and anti-corrosion. The front of the nozzle is equipped with rotating teeth, which can spray extremely well, which can effectively absorb heat and smoke, protect the operator's safety, and can be suitable for extinguishing live fires. When spraying mixed foam liquid, adjust the front and back expansion of the nozzle guard cap to spray high quality Foam, the water flow switch and the gun grip are ergonomically designed, convenient to close Open the water flow and effectively control the spray direction.


Structure Dear Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Valve ABS (standard), Aluminum alloy/stainless steel (optional)
Handle ABS (standard), Aluminum alloy (optional)
Pistol Grip ABS
Buffer Rubber
Pressure 6 bar
Spray range 35 m @ 6 bar
Spray angle 110 °
Flow range 15 - 30 - 45 - 60 LPM - Discharge, Five adjustable patterns
Input size 2.5 inch, available for Storz, NH, INST, Machino.


1) Pattern recognition.

2) Hard anodized aluminum, laser engraved.

3) Simple operation (1/4 turn line to fog).

4) Raised lug marks straight flow for low visibility operations.

5) Easy maintenance and repair.

6) Compatible with quick mount foam hose.

7) Rotary input.

8) Low maintenance.


- Wildland

- Mining industries


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