Tu Bao chay 4 Loop expands 8 rounds CAD-150-8

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: CAD-150-8

The Detnov CAD-150
❌ addressable fire detection control panel is an ideal product to equip all requirements of medium and large installations, These plants, due to their performance, simplicity of installation Place and its excellent value for money, the product is ideal for protecting surfaces where they are required up to 2,000 detectors per panel and up to 64,000 detection points in systems network connection. Its application facilities such as: large commercial district, university campus, industries, hospitals, etc.


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Product information

° Self-searching, self-diagnosis and auto-address function

° Detecting duplicate addresses Historical record of 6,000 events

° Up to 250 detection zones 40 display zones 250 devices per loop without polarity (2)

° Up to 50 sirens per loop (1)

° Alarms and fault relays 2 supervised siren outputs Auxiliary output 24 V

° Day and night setting

° Detector level configuration

° Compatible with Detnov Cloud

°Compatible with SGD-151 . graphics software

° Free monitoring and configuration software

° USB connector for configuration

° Up to 32 networked consoles (F-Network and S-Network)


Tu Bao chay 4 Loop mở rộng 8 vòng CAD-150-8


Tu Bao chay 4 Loop mở rộng 8 vòng CAD-150-8

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