TAKTIS Fire Alarm Center 2-16 Loop

Manufacture: Kentec
Product code: TAKTIS UL
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Special Taktis UL/FM Fire Alarm Center

Trung Tâm Báo Cháy TAKTIS (2-16 Loop)-Thiết Bị báo Cháy UL/FM

- UL864 (10th edition) Listed and FM Approved - 2 to 8 loops or 2 to 16 loop versions - 400mA current 4 programmable NAC; Class B or - 2 Class A with internal synchronization - 5.25 A or 10.25 Power supply options - 3 programmable inputs and 5 programmable relay outputs - 7 inch, full color resistive touchscreen with intuitive user interface - Up to 24 programmable soft function keys - Hard-wired routing inputs and outputs and electronic routing issues - Modular and expandable - 400 extra points per loop (module 800 per loop) - Option to invert input and output - 5000 programmable causes and effects; More than 50,000 inputs and outputs - Can be networked with programming function - Programming via USB port to PC or memory card - Ockular graphical fire controller Detailed description of Taktis UL/FM Fire Alarm Center Taktis® Kentec is Kentec's most powerful and sophisticated analog addressable control panel. Intelligent and technically robust, it has enhanced integration and networking capabilities to meet the current and future needs of small to large buildings and installations. Precisely configured as a fire detection and alarm system, the flexibility of Taktis can be reconfigured to realize many other control and indication applications, integrating directly smart buildings. Available in four and eight slot variants, Taktis fire control panels feature two to 16 detection rings. Taktis can connect up to 128 panels, ideal for the largest sites such as schools, hospitals, multi-location stores/supermarkets, critical infrastructure and large commercial and industrial facilities. Multiple protocols can be supported per board to give installers and end-users maximum choice in their system design and scalable nature




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