Tomoken IWAMACHI KANSO D40 D50 D65 nozzle

Manufacture: Tomoken
Product code: 04-HBPR-40A, 04-HBPR-50A, 04-HBPR-65A

Tomoken IWAMACHI KANSO D40 D50 D65 spray nozzle ⭐
✅ Model : 04-HBPR-40A, 04-HBPR-50A, 04-HBPR-65A ⭐
✅ Structure: Aluminum alloy ⭐
✅ Contact: 0917.911.114


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

● Using special material PIT to cover the surface of the aluminum pipe, even if water clings to the surface of the pipe, it will not cause slippery when used.

● When turning the head of the water cannon, it is completely unaffected by force and does not cause deformation, so it is completely safe to organize fire fighting. Specifications

Size Model Pressure Flow Mertirial
40 04-HBPR-40A 2.0 Mpa 165-240 Lpm Nhôm hợp kim
50 04-HBPR-50A 2.0 Mpa 220-350 Lpm Nhôm hợp kim
65 04-HBPR-65A 2.0 Mpa 410-455 Lpm Nhôm hợp kim


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