TMB-251, Network connection card (S-Network) of CAD-150 series fire alarm cabinets

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: TMB-251

Interface card for analog console CAD-150 series
✔️Combined Ethernet port, RS485 output for network connection (S-Network) of control panel and repeater, 2 x RS485 ,RS232 output for splicing printer Next, it is possible to install a ring or bus system network, incorporating an electrical isolation circuit between the nodes. The maximum distance between nodes is up to 1,000 meters.


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Product information

- TMB-251 communication card has different output ports for the following functions

- 1 x RS-232 for serial printer connection

- 1 x RS-485 for analog panel network (S-Network) (1)

- 2 x RS-485 for integration with third parties, via Modbus protocol

- 1 x Ethernet for connection : Detnov . Cloud App

                                          Integration with third parties via Modbus IP protocol

Analog exchange and repeater networks can be ring or network, with up to 32 nodes.

Maximum distance between two nodes: TMB-251: 1 km (dong)

                                                     TMBFI-251: 1.5 km (multimode fiber)


Maximum number of buttons:

Maximum distance between buttons:


Maximum system distance:



1 km (TMB-251)

1,5 km (TMBFI-251)


32 km (TMB-251)

48 km (TMBFI-251)


2 x 1.5 mm² twisted and shielded (TMB-251) (2) Multimode fiber (TMBFI-251)
Temperature -5ºC to 40ºC
Humidity 95%

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