Thermal Expansion Relief Valve 1330FC

Product code: 1330FC

Thermal Expansion Relief Valve,This is a pressure relief valve that is installed downstream of a pressure reducing valve and is located in the distribution piping in a fire protection system. If the pressure in the distribution piping rises above the relief valve’s set point, the 1330FC opens and relieves the excess pressure, thus preventing damage.


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Normally closed, increasing inlet pressure opens valve

UL listed spring range of 20-175 psi

Local sense line (self contained sense loop)

Simple adjustment

All parts replaceable while valve is installed

Rubber to metal seat for positive shutoff

Can be installed vertically or horizontally

Sizes 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”

Applicable for water, seawater & foam


Thermal Expansion Relief Valve 1330FC

• UL Listed - Control Number 39TZ


Thermal Expansion Relief Valve 1330FC

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