The most effective types of portable fire extinguishers available today


The most effective types of portable fire extinguishers available today

Recently, there have been many fires, especially motorbikes and cars, and the causes of these incidents are still controversial issues of many subjects as well as analysts. However, the important thing here is that these fires have not been handled effectively to avoid major damage consequences such as exploding fuel tanks or spreading fire to neighboring areas, making the fire more dangerous. To reduce the above problems handheld fire extinguisher is the most effective specialized equipment trusted by many people.

On the market, there are many types of fire extinguishers, but mainly classified into two main types: CO2 cylinders and powder containers. Different types of cylinders have different advantages and disadvantages, along with those substances and gases that are only effective with certain flammable substances, so users need to be very specific.

Co2 fire extinguisher

This type of fire extinguisher  is specialized for fires containing liquids such as gasoline, oil or alcohol, fighting fires of meta gas, gas, etc., and electrical equipment. It is necessary to carefully check before using this type of bottle to avoid alkaline earth substances, alkali metals due to chemical reactions between substances in high temperature conditions, causing a larger fire.

The gas in the tank has the effect of diluting the fire because the gas does not maintain this fire, so it is only suitable for use in households or in a small space, less effective outdoors. With this feature, it is also a difficult situation for users when the gas does not maintain human respiration, the gas is ejected at a temperature of -73 degrees Celsius, which if used in a closed room can cause asphyxiation, spray use So burns on the body cause severe frostbite.

Powder fire extinguisher

There are many powder components suitable for many fire incidents such as solid fire fighting, liquid fire fighting, gas fire fighting and electric fire fighting. These substances can be integrated together in the same fire extinguisher to improve work efficiency. However, with the use of powder, you need to carefully check the fire because the fire is likely to re-ignite. With powder bottles in all forms, attention should be paid to minimizing the situation of spraying on electronic and high-tech devices such as coolers and sensors because the powder contains a relatively high concentration of salt, causing corrosion and damage to equipment. covered by it.

 The above characteristics are very important you need to keep in mind when using portable fire extinguishersespecially in situations of anxiety and panic before a fire or explosion incident, helping to ensure that unnecessary damage is minimized when use.

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