The benefits of routine fire protection system maintenance


The fire protection system has always played an extremely important role in today's society when it helps to prevent and extinguish unexpected fires. Besides investing in buying quality systems, we also must not neglect the maintenance and maintenance of the systems so that they always achieve high efficiency when needed. If fire protection systems are not maintained for a long time, they can rust, even fail and cannot give good results when needed.

n recent times, the situation of fires and explosions in high-rise buildings has tended to increase and become more complicated, causing great damage to people and property. There are a few segments of people who are aware of the importance of investing in fire prevention and fighting equipment, but there are still many people who are not aware of this issue. Besides, ensuring fire safety in high-rise buildings also depends heavily on the technical system in the building. Therefore, when this system is put into operation and use, the technical and security sides of the building must always check and maintain it regularly to avoid the worst possible situations. 

The benefits of routine fire protection system maintenance

Fire alarm system maintenance:

Open the central control cabinet and cut off the AC power supply to the control cabinet.

Check the beeping sound in the control cabinet and test the battery capacity so that it provides at least 15 minutes.

Check AC power for central control cabinet

Check the pressure parameters on the meter and record it.

The pressure displayed on the meter must always be approximately 24 bar. To protect the system from releasing air, the activation valve of the FM200 tank must be removed before being inspected.

Use the smoke generator inside the first sensor, check the red and black colors on the sensor and the flashing light in the control cabinet.

Activate the second heat detector and check whether the bell system and indicator lights in the control cabinet are still there or not.

Check how long it takes for the outside lights to come on, how long it takes for the bell to activate from when the smoke and heat detectors are activated;

Check how long it takes for the FM200 tank to have an activated indicator light on the control cabinet.

Check the manual discharge button, press Reset in the control cabinet to turn off the bell. Wait 15 minutes until there is no more smoke in the equipment and in the server room.

Open the covers of the smoke and heat detectors to clean and remove dust.

Check the error light in the control cabinet and all other lights.

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