TBUD-250 2 loop expansion card used for CAD-250 central cabinet

Manufacture: detnov
Product code: TBUD-250 2

2 loop microprocessor expansion card capacity 500 devices
⭐250 addresses per loop (detector, module, siren or push button), Can connect to CAD-250 analog control board, Price list Fire alarm control panels, 4 channels, 5 channels Hochiki Horing Chungmei Yunyang Tanda..


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Product information

Card TBUD-250 allows you to add 2 loops to the Detnov CAD-250 analog console and extensions: CAD-250-B and CAD-250-BLED. Each loop can control up to 250 addresses, with no limit on the number of detectors and modules to install. Communication between the loop device and the control board is done via 2 wires. The connection of these devices in the loop supports non-polarity in the absence of a built-in isolator.

Maximum number of devices 250
Maximum load: 400 mA
Max loop length: 2 km (1)
Maximum cable resistance: 44 Ω
Maximum cable capacity: 500 nF / km
Working temperature : -5ºC a 40ºC
Humidity 95%

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