System Sensor 4WITAR-B photoelectric combined smoke detector

Manufacture: System Sensor
Product code: 4WITAR-B

4WITAR-B is a 4-wire i3 smoke detector
⭐ Photoelectric smoke detector with isolated heat sensor, built-in sounder and Form C relay, Construction: ABS,100% genuine, 100% real price: 0917,911 .114


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Product information


• Sound generator 85 dB

• Transitions in C

• Isolated thermal sensor

• Plug-in design (including base)

• Inline terminal

• Flexible installation options

• Stop-Drop 'N Lock™ attachment to the base

• Removable lid and chamber

• Remote maintenance signaling

• Smoothing and drift compensation algorithms

• Simplify sensitivity measurement

• Dual-color LEDs


Alarm level 0.5A @ 30V AC / DC
Current level Max 50mA
Form C
Auxiliary level 2A @ 30V AC / DC
Smoke detector type Photoelectricity
Size Diameter 2.0 "(51mm) H x 5.3" (127mm)
Trouble 41 ° F (5 ° C)
Heat sensor Isolated - 135°F (57.2°C) fixed
Humidity 0% to 95% RH, non-condensing
Ripple voltage max 30% nominal (peak to peak)
Operating voltage 12/24 V nominal non-polarized, 10 min. 35 . max
Sensitivity 2,5% / ft.
Sound level 85 dBA
Standby line Average Max 50µA
Temperture 32 ° to 100 ° F (0 ° to 37,8 ° C)
Weight 7,1 oz. (200 g)
Wire 4 wires
Wire gauge 14-22 AWG
Standard Đầu báo khói kết hợp nhiệt quang điện System Sensor 4WITAR-B

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