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What is an overflow valve? Here we can only briefly present so that you can imagine what Deluge Valve is and how it is applied in fire protection. The deluge valve originally works as follows: is a valve used to open and close the water source with a spring membrane. In the normal state, the specific liquid line is the water line the valve inlet in the Open state. and Deluge Valve has not opened, then there is a solenoid valve on the valve, also known as a solenoid Valve that has not been affected. The spring has an elastic force less than the pressure acting on the valve's diaphragm, which controls the valve mechanism in the closed state. The pressure on the valve diaphragm decreases, then the spring has an elastic force that overcomes the water pressure on the diaphragm and will lift the opening and closing mechanism, then the valve will be in the open state. The valve's structure is the same as that of a 1-way valve.

Quality acceptance certificate accompanying the product: CO, CQ, Packinglist, Catalog. Overflow valve sizes: DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300.

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