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What are the standards for the arrangement of fire sprinklers, but when we design an automatic fire fighting system, how should the sprinkler head spacing be arranged? How to install sprinkler heads? How many sprinklers on 1 branch? What is the protection area of the sprinkler head based on the prescribed standards such as the latest TCVN 7336, #1 BS EN 12845, NFPA, LPC...

- Fire prevention is something that needs to be done and strictly followed by mandatory regulations of the Fire Prevention and Control Police, especially for commercial buildings, supermarkets, offices, apartments, houses... and there are many laws and standards that must be strictly regulated from the start of construction.

- In this article, we will learn about fire sprinkler installation standards and what you need to think about when installing a fire sprinkler system. Let's share our views together in this article. is not afraid to accept all opinions and express your views after this article.

Tiêu chuẩn bố trí lắp đặt vòi phun nước chữa cháy

Tiêu chuẩn bố trí lắp đặt vòi phun nước chữa cháy

First, open the file: latest TCVN 7336 ....HERE to see the latest regulations related to PCCC equipment..

In addition, we also comply and rely on the following principles set by the safety standards council regarding fire sprinkler installation standards: # Standard 1 : BS EN 12845

- BSI EN 12845 is a fire protection system standard researched and regulated by BSI Group (British Standards Institute). Sprinkler systems that comply with this standard are designed to control fires in the early stages of a fire. Similar to residential fire sprinkler systems, commercial fire sprinkler systems consist of a network of pipes supplied with water through control valves. Sprinkler heads are placed at various points in high-rise buildings and these temperature-operated devices release water onto the fire in a spray pattern. This design was introduced to minimize damage caused by fire.

- EN 12845 provides manufacturers and installers with specific guidance on pipe sizes, sprinkler head locations, water supply, fire alarms, valves, pumps, as well as regulations on insurance fees. maintenance after putting the system into use.

>>>Refer to the article on how automatic sprinklers work??..HERE >>>>

#2 Rules for preventing damage in case of fire and explosion (LPC)

- FPA is the abbreviation for (Fire Protection Association) and RISCAuthority (Risk Analysis and Management Agency specifying strategy and damage control) publishes the Loss Prevention Code as a supplement to BS EN 12845. These codes are based on research and studies of fire events that have occurred in our lives and focus on training lessons that have been aimed at Improve response plans when fires and explosions occur.

- These rules are very comprehensive and cover things like building basement ventilation systems and assessing potential hazards to protect high-rise buildings, and establishing guidelines for control valve systems. control and fire water supply system.

#3 NFPA Fire Protection Association Sprinkler Rules

- The Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publishes more than 300 codes and standards that aim to minimize the possibility of fires and also aim to save lives. Their NDPA 13 standard specifically relates to standards for automatic fire sprinkler installation arrangements and as such is known as an industry standard.

- Covers different approaches to fire sprinkler system design, fire sprinkler system installation, and other component options to maximize fire damage prevention. harmful to people as well as material.

#4 FM Global Sprinkler Rules

- FM Global has over 200 years of experience in property loss statistics, research and engineering and they use this knowledge to create data sheets to prevent loss and damage assets, people. Consider especially the instructions for installing fire sprinkler systems. It provides guidance on the components used in automatic spray systems and how these components should be quality assured. Provides guidance on systematic fire detection response times for the system and how to spray water in the fire area. In addition to the fire sprinkler installation standards for fire suppression systems, there are three specialist bodies in the UK responsible for certifying that fire sprinklers have been properly designed and installed. and that is:

* Exova Warrington - how to manage programs for the production of sprinklers and installation of fire suppression systems

* IFC Certification Ltd - offers a commercial installation program for industrial systems and the installation of domestic and residential sprinkler systems. * LPCB / BRE Certification Ltd - undertakes third party verification of designs or installations of commercial and industrial sprinkler systems to LPS 1048 standard.

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