SRI Model E Faucet Coil Cabinet

Manufacture: SRI
Product code: Model E Faucet

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Product information


Diameter 700mm (W) x 800mm (H) x A (D)
Structure Mid Steel
Width 1,2 mm
Installation location Surface / wall mount, recessed
Capacity Rotating manual or automatic hose reel (22 or 19 drum) 3/4 or 1
Paint Red epoxy, 70 micron min.
Model Dimensions A (Depth) mm Type
HRS047-MS-400-RD 400 Surface / wall mount
HRS047-MS-320-RD 320 Surface / wall mount
HRS047-MS-250-RD 250 Surface / wall mount
HRS046-MS-400-RD 400 concave
HRS046-MS-320-RD 320 concave
HRS046-MS-250-RD 250 concave

Options: Electro-galvanized (EG) or stainless steel materials are available on request.

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