SRI high-flow water spray gun and fire-fighting foam

Manufacture: SRI
Product code: FOS005-LA-038-Bk,FOS005-GM-038-Bk,FOS005-LA-38BGDv

⭐  are types of fire sprinkler combined with Foam ,high flow , structure: copper or aluminum , type of spray gun , contact 0917.911.114


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Product information

Mist-type nozzle and straight spray combination. The flow rate can be changed without closing the nozzle. Constructed of heavy-duty copper and light-weight aluminum alloy. Save volume can be adjusted 150LPM to 460LPM. The nozzle can be easily opened and closed with the rotary handle. The spray nozzle adopts AFFF and non-protein foam. An optional aeration bubble tube (FOS011-LA -STD-NA) is available to fit the nozzle to enhance solution foam expansion and also provides a longer and heavier foam blanket (expansion ratio 8 to 1). It attaches easily and securely with nozzle

Lăng súng phun nước và foam chữa cháy lưu lượng cao SRI


Code No Structure Finishing



Proportional injection flow

@ 65Psi (4.4 Bar)

Spray range

@ 65Psi (4.4 Bar)

FOS005-LA-038-Bk Aluminum alloy Black 2 1/2" Male BS336 150-220-350-460 LPM



FOS005-GM-038-Bk Copper alloy Natural 2 1/2" Male BS336

40-60-95-125 GPM

FOS005-LA-38BGDv Aluminum alloy Black

Bogdanov / GOST

150-220-350-460 LPM


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