SRI foam nozzle and nozzle cabinet FOS089-MS-STD-RD FOS087-MS-STD-RD

Manufacture: SRI
Product code: FOS089-MS-STD-RD, FOS087-MS-STD-RD

SRI foam nozzle & nozzle cabinet ⭐
✅ Light steel structure, used to contain all kinds of nozzles, foam nozzles ⭐
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Product information

This hose reel station comes complete with 1-1/2, x 30M rigid hose, AFFF 225L foam, stainless steel foam tank, foam duct and 95GPM nozzle. A loop is provided for flushing or foam.

Standard Features

Input connection 1-1 / 2 fl Mặt bích ANSI 125 RF
Structure of spools Hot-dip galvanized steel or hot-dipped steel
Surface texture Stainless Steel
Design Mild steel or stainless steel (on request)

Foam hose / handgun Non-ferrous pipes and fittings AFFF 225L foam and concentrate 1-1/2 valve control valve Stainless steel pipe 200mm opening for foam filling Adjust foam concentrate 3% to 6%

Application: Protection of installed oil filling stations, paint and solvent shops.



Diameter 1500.0mm x 1100.0mm x 500.0mm
Structure Thép nhẹ
Width 1,5 mm
Type đứng
Capacity 140 liter foam with inductor with nozzle 2 - 1/2 x 30m Type 1 (2 lengths) and branch foam
Paint Epoxy red


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