Spray nozzles 235 LPM gun type fire-fighting mausoleums

Manufacture: forede
Product code: Pistol Grip Fire Nozzle

235 LPM Pistol Grip Selectable Fire is setting 60 - 130 - 235 LPM, Flush (15 - 30 - 60 GPM)
⭐  has small recoil force, can greatly improve safety  Especially in poor environments stable such as roof, slope, forklift, recoil force (also known as recoil) becomes a very dangerous factor. After using Pistol Grip Fire Nozzle, this kind of dangerous situation can be avoided
⭐ can be operated by a single person, greatly improving personnel utilization efficiency, greatly saving costs and reducing pressure resources for the transportation and command of personnel on site, providing economic and long-term benefits;


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Structure Dear Hard Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Ball valves ABS (standard), Aluminum alloy/stainless steel (optional)
Handle ABS (standard), Aluminum alloy (optional)
Pistol Grip ABS
Buffer Rubber
Working 6 bar
Max pressure 10 bar
Water spray range

35 m @ 6 bar

Mist angle 120 °
Flow range 60 - 130 - 235 LPM, Flush (15 - 30 - 60 GPM), three adjustable patterns
Input size 2.5 inch, available for Storz, NH, INST, Machino


1) Pattern recognition.

2) Hard anodized aluminum, laser engraved.

3) Simple operation (1/4 turn line to fog).

4) Raised lug marks straight flow for low visibility operations.

5) Easy maintenance and repair.

6) Compatible with quick mount foam hose.


- Airport

- Industry

- Structure

- Marine

- Mining


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