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- Smoke generator bottle SMOKE SABER (Smoke Detector Test Bottle) - Smoke detector bottle SMOKE SABER (Smoke Detector Test Bottle) is a portable smoke generator to test the operation of smoke detectors of all types, with the flexibility of environmental safety it is a common smoke detector tester. most used today The SMOKE SABER smoke generator bottle is an important step forward in the testing of conventional and addressable smoke detectors. Other traditional methods such as using potash are not only ineffective but also cause bad effects and are not safe for users. The SMOKE SABER smoke-generating solution eliminates unwanted effects, providing safe and professional accuracy. Smoke Saber bottles also bring self-safety to users and are environmentally friendly.

The steps to use the SMOKE SABER smoke maker are simple

You can see the following picture to know how to use the Smoke Saber smoke generator bottle

- Press and hold the button at figure A

- Swing your wrist forward for the saber flap to pop out.

- Press the button inside the saber cap to spray the smoke.

chai tao khói smoke sabre


- Do not open the saber cover wrongly

- The saber lid can be turned forward when opened, thus avoiding collisions with people around. Specifications SMOKE SABER smoke generator bottle The generated smoke is environmentally friendly, safe for the user and surrounding objects. Meets UL

standards 70ml capacity Can be used with all smoke detectors The SMOKE SABER smoke maker is a handy and compact portable mini smoke generator. The product, in addition to testing smoke detectors, can also be used to create artificial smoke with the advantage of being safe for users, the environment and surrounding objects.

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