Small Viking Foaming Tank 36 Gallon Bladder Tank Foam Hose Station

Manufacture: Viking
Product code: 6 Gallon Bladder

Viking Small Foaming Tank (36 Gallon Bladder Tank Foam Hose Station) is a compact foaming device ⭐
✅ Easy to move, effective fire fighting, UL / FM standard ⭐
✅ Uses small fires ⭐
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Product information

The Viking Mini Foaming Tank is a foaming station, an efficient and compact method of providing an additional piping required by NFPA 409. Particularly useful for applications where flow and pressure are present. low makes conduit-based stations problematic. with proportional controller form a balanced pressure equalization system used to mix water and concentrated fire fighting foam together to create an effective fire fighting environment. Foam tank technology is an accurate and reliable mixing method that is widely available in the stationary fire protection market and requires no external supply. This method provides a stable water/foam ratio by automatically adjusting to the flow rate and pressure changes that occur during system operation. This feature makes bladder tanks particularly suitable for low or fluctuating inlet water pressures where eductor systems are considered unsuitable. The bladder tank is a steel pressure vessel containing a bladder tube between the water and the foam concentrate. The small Viking Foaming Tank allows water pressure to be transferred to the foam concentrate without the need for two liquids to be mixed together. For more information, please contact the appropriate Viking sales office in Section 5 Availability or refer to the technical documentation. The content of this publication is subject to change without prior notice.

Standard Viking Small Foam Tanks

- UL

- FM

Structure of a small Viking Foam Tank

• Approved design pressure is 175PSI (12.1bar)

• 100% pressure tested to applicable design code

• Service bronze ball valve / lockable corrosion resistant ball valve (Standard Listed / FM)

• Welding machine with circumferential and longitudinal seams for maximum quality and durability

• Safety valve on bladder water side to prevent slow overpressure and reduce temperature fluctuations

• Optical tank equipped with molded rubber cap to ensure water and foam under constant pressure

• Tanks are specially tested for foam compatibility in FM Approval and UL List

• Oversized to allow concentrated thermal expansion (volume expansion allowance)

• The tank is equipped with an internal guard at any opening to ensure no damage to the bladder

• Inner PVC foam delivery tube ensures optimal use of concentrated foam

• Internal water distribution channel to balance water pressure to avoid tank damage

• Distributing water inside the ion channel to facilitate rapid drainage during curing and servicing

• Nameplate holder to prevent undetected corrosion on shell tank Shell back plate

• Visible level indicator tube

• Exterior epoxy zinc rich primer with polyurethane coating. FM/UL for corrosive environments (salt fog)

+ Proportional controller

• The groove rate controller 2 (DN50) is integrated the foam bladder tank station

• Nickel aluminum construction for superior corrosion protection

• Operating pressure 30PSI (2.07bar) to 145PSI (10bar)

• AFFF rate range 50GPM (189 l/min) to 311 GPM (1177 l/min)

• FM approved and/or UL listed for use with specific Viking foam concentrations

• For use with Fresh or Saltwater

• Disc identification card

+ Faucet reel

• Hose with water supply through the center of the reel

• 38 mm pipe: Semi-rigid hose with working pressure 10 bar

• Pipe length 30M

• Connecting NST

• Faucet connection: Gooseneck with faucet knob

• Hand crank for rewinding with gear gear

• Faucet guide

• Coil made of galvanized steel

• Waterways made of brass

• Epoxy / polyester powder coating

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