Single Push Button Bosch FMC‑300RW, Addressable Fire Alarm

Manufacture: Bosch
Product code: FMC‑300RW

Bosch FMC‑300RW Single Emergency Button is an addressable emergency button belonging to the genuine Bosch EN54 fire alarm system, 12 months warranty, 100% genuine commitment, Contact supplier of 1-way valve, Viking sprinkler head


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Product information

Description of Bosch FMC‑300RW . Single Push Button Extractor

FMC ‑ 300RW single call-to-action used for official alarm triggering and non-conventional technology used.

- Activate the alarm by pressing the black marker or breaking the glass frame

- Protection against injury through labeled glass frames

- LED display for alarm triggering or test evaluation Bosch FMC‑300RW . Single Push Button


Nút Nhấn Khẩn Đơn Bosch FMC‑300RW, Thiết Bị Báo Cháy Địa Chỉ




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